How To Write A Press Release: Your Guide To Working With The Media

Additionally, remember that the chosen quotes in your press release should emphasize the core of the announcement. Don’t ask everyone in your office for a comment, just pick one or two critical spokespeople.

4. Include a boilerplate

Finally, social media is full of reporters that are constantly complaining about press releases and pitches that don’t explain what the company does or what the announcement is really about. Describing what your company does and who was involved in the latest report with a boilerplate message is always a good idea.

If you cite any details from other companies, make sure that you include a reference link for the data source, and make sure every name has an associated title. It’s also worth asking someone to read through the press release before you start sending it out to check that everything makes sense and that you’ve covered the critical information.

How To Write A Press Release

Mastering the press release basics

While knowing how to write a great press release doesn’t necessarily guarantee coverage by the right publications, it is a valuable marketing tool. Sending out regular press releases allows you to build up brand recognition with media groups. The relationship that you build with these outlets may be valuable in the future too, particularly when journalists are looking for a thought leader to quote.

Remember, achieving successful publicity in your industry means making a sustained effort to connect with the right people and groups.

If you ever do get coverage for your press release, be sure to keep the buzz going by sharing your stories on social media and asking influencers to give you a boost. You’d be surprised how quickly your reputation grows.

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