How To Write A Press Release: Your Guide To Working With The Media

Keep in mind that there are countless brands just like you, looking for ways to boost their awareness through collaborations with the right media outlets. Although you can’t always guarantee that your press release will make the right impact, you can learn how to write a press release and distribute it in a way that’s more likely to be successful.

For instance, here are some of the tips you can use when figuring out how to write a great press release that speaks to your audience.

1. Create an incredible headline

Just like when you’re writing a blog post[15], and you need a fantastic headline to capture your audience’s attention, the same rules apply for your press release. Make sure your headline stands out with action verbs and understandable language. Additionally, make sure that you keep your announcement headline as quick and simple as possible.

For instance “YourBrand Wins Award for Customer Service” is much better than ” YourName wins first customer service award after nomination in July.” Above all else, keep the title interesting. Remember that these reporters are getting hundreds of releases each day, yours needs to stand out.

2. Highlight the value in your news

For reporters and influencers to actually share your announcement, you’re going to have to convince them that your news is worth their time. Make sure that the first paragraph of your announcement covers plenty of essential information that excites your reader and encourages them to share.

After the first paragraph, you can get down into the extra details of your announcement, such as what led to the event, or how you’ve evolved over the years to achieve this new accomplishment. However, the most valuable data shouldn’t be any further down than the first paragraph.

3. Offer a tempting quote

Once you’ve set the scene for your news story, remember to bring the details to life with a quote or two from a relevant official in your team. This will help to give reporters more context for your announcement. Ideally, the quotes will come from stakeholders in your company, like your executive team. Quoting prominent figures and authorities gives more value to your announcement.

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