How To Write A Press Release: Your Guide To Working With The Media

In the meantime, if you’re stuck with writer’s block, and you’re not sure how to start earning the attention of the right journalists, the following press release examples might help.

1. Apple’s product launch press release

This is a basic example of a product news press release from Apple. The most important information is covered right off the bat “Apple today released iMac Pro,” and there’s plenty of useful data scattered throughout the body of the content.

Apple also added a little more depth to their press release format by including some quotes from the VP of Hardware engineering for the brand, a few images too.

How To Write A Press ReleaseApple is excellent at highlighting the key features of the product in this press release, and they go into detail so that journalists can decide for themselves which key points they want to cover.

2. CNN’s news press release

This breaking-news style press release from CNN gets straight to the point with a title that explains what the statement needs to cover “Climate change in arctic and US.” As you get further into the version, there’s plenty of in-depth information available, as well as useful quotes to give more credibility to the story.

How To Write A Press ReleaseCNN keeps its story short and concise, with quick and snappy information that’s perfect for sharing. Additionally, the press release covers crucial data about when the event will begin and end, and what might happen during the night.

3. Hormel Institute research press release

Finally, this press release example from the Hormel Institute highlights a critical finding in the organisation’s research. The title explains what was discovered “Wilms’ Tumor breakthrough,” and there’s information about the main researchers at the top of the page too.

The press release explains the background of the research and where it began, and it also draws attention to the benefits that this latest finding has to offer.

How To Write A Press Release

How do you write a press release that makes an impact?

Even with an fantastic newsworthy story to cover, there’s no guarantee that every publication will instantly pick up your press release.

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