How To Write A Press Release: Your Guide To Working With The Media

2. Make sure that you know your audience

Just like with any piece of useful content, a press release should always be written with your target audience[12] in mind. However, remember that as well as appealing to your standard content, you need to know how to send out a press release that speaks to journalists and editors too.

Write a fitting headline and plenty of interesting copy that your preferred media outlets are sure to see value in. It’s also worth noting that in today’s social world, press releases may be shard in many different ways. Alongside people sharing links to your stories, you might also get a lot of people who simply share a meaningful quote from your latest release on Facebook or Instagram.

With the needs of your media audience in mind, tailor your press release to be as concise and easy to promote as possible.

3. Know the “W’s” for your press release

Finally, when you’re wondering what to include in a press release, it’s worth noting that the editors of a press release often edit from the bottom up. That’s why, in our tips on press release structure, we recommended including the most critical information at the top of the page.

One way to ensure that you’ve addressed all of the most essential points include covering the “W’s” in your press release. This means looking at:

  • Who: Who does your news reflect, and who will it benefit?

  • What: What is the news based on? What are you going to cover?

  • When: When exactly did this happen, is there any significance to the timing?

  • Where: Where did the event happen, and where is your business located?

  • Why: Why do people need to know about this information? What are the benefits?

The answers to all of these questions need to be covered within the opening paragraph of your press release. Take a look at how Samsung addresses[13] all the W’s instantly within the initial words of its press release below:

How To Write A Press Release

3 quick press release examples for announcement inspiration

If you’re still feeling a little uncertain about using press release content in your external communication strategy[14], don’t worry. Like any promotional effort, a press release is something that can take time to get used to. Once you’ve come to terms with the basic press release format, and you’ve got the hang of pinpointing great news stories to cover, you’ll find that the process feels a lot easier.

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