How To Write A Press Release: Your Guide To Working With The Media

  • Start your announcement and write in an inverted pyramid style. This means that you put the most important information for your announcement in the top line, with the next most crucial info second, and so on. If an editor needs to cut material from your release, an inverted pyramid will ensure that the most important details get into the story.

  • Double-space all of your paragraphs for clarity.

  • End with the ### symbols in the bottom centre of your page.

  • Following the right press release guidelines

    Now that you know the basics of how to write a press release, and the structure it needs to follow, you’ll be ready to start writing a release that speaks to both your audience and the necessary publications.

    The more you use press releases as part of your digital marketing strategy[10], the more you’ll learn about how companies and people respond to your content. However, while you’re just getting started, keep the following press release guidelines in mind.

    1. Always find an engaging and newsworthy angle

    The first thing to remember when you’re learning how to write a great press release is that you’re not just writing any old content. A press release is an official document that’s supposed to act as an important announcement or piece of news. Since you’re appealing specifically to journalists, you’ll need to think carefully about what the publications in your industry will deem to be “newsworthy.”

    Before you start writing a press release about anything, ask yourself whether there’s value in your chosen story. Will journalists want to share your content, and will the end-users that read that story see the value in it?

    Look at this press release from Coca-Cola for instance; it highlighted Cola’s win of two national awards for health and environmental leadership. This allowed the company to build higher affinity[11] with an audience that had questioned the health effects of cola in the past.

    How To Write A Press ReleaseThis story is valuable not just for Coca-Cola’s reputation, but also for journalists who know that the health and safety of fizzy drinks is a crucial concern for many consumers.

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