How To Write A Press Release: Your Guide To Working With The Media

Press releases:

  • Drive more traffic to your website

  • Strengthen your brand reach

  • Improve your Google ranking

  • Boost your company’s trust and credibility

  • Give you more control over your brand reputation

Learning how to write a press release won’t instantly get your business featured on the front cover of Forbes magazine, but it will help your company to get the attention it deserves.

How To Write A Press Release

Press release template: Your press release format guide

Okay, so now you know that a press release is a brief document sharing useful news about your business with the media outlets. So, what makes a good press release, and how do you write a press release that speaks to the right journalists?

Well, as with any content strategy, it’s essential to make your announcements stand out[9] from your competition. However, press releases do generally follow a standard set of guidelines that you need to keep in mind. If you track the typical press release format, then you’re more likely to get published.

Start by writing a press release email to the journals and publications that you want to show up in. Make it clear to reporters, editors, and writers, that you’re giving them content for them to use. If you don’t want the information to be released immediately, you can request an “Embargo” until a certain date. In the press release itself, follow these structural tips:

  • Start with the words “Media Contact” in the upper corner of the page, with an email address, phone number, and name for a person to contact with follow-up questions.

  • Include the date on which the information can be made public underneath your Media Contact details. It’s essential to keep this information at the top of your press release structure.

  • At the left of the page, or in the centre, include a headline summarizing what you cover in the press release. For instance: “YourBrand Named Top Marketing Tool for 2020”. Some companies include a little extra information after this on the next line too.

  • On the next line, start writing your press release with information on the city and state you’re in. Format this in capital letters. For instance: “AUSTIN, TEXAS – October 12th, 2019”.

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