How To Write A Press Release: Your Guide To Working With The Media

Used as a valuable part of a brand recognition strategy[4], press releases are often short and concise. They’re designed to get customers, partners, and other companies interested in what you’re doing. What’s more, these content-based tools also help to highlight your position as a brand and show your customers that you share their values. Although there’s no carved-in-stone formula for what a press release needs to cover, here are some of the occasions that might convince you to start writing a press release for your business:

  • New product launch

  • Acquisition or merger[5]

  • Updates to an existing product in your portfolio

  • Opening a new office or moving to a new location

  • Rebranding, or refreshing your brand

  • Hiring a new executive for your team

  • Receiving an award

  • Doing something for the community, or contributing to charity

How To Write A Press Release

Why is writing a press release a good idea?

As you’ll see in our press release guidelines below, writing the perfect announcement for the media isn’t always easy. Although the experience gets more straightforward as you develop your writing skills, you might be wondering why you should bother with press releases in the first place?

A great press release is more than just a way to differentiate yourself[6] from your competitors and capture the attention of the press. When used properly, these tools can provide several fantastic benefits. For instance, they’re effective and cost-efficient tools for spreading brand reach. Since releasees are published online and shared on social media, there’s a lot of opportunities to attract prospective customers and backlinks.

Crucially, a well-written press release also helps you to gain more control over the story shared for your brand. You can share what’s crucial to you and call more attention to the value that you have to offer. In the case of a crisis, where your brand reputation[7] comes into question, you can even use a press release to respond to a story quickly and strategically.

Knowing how to send out a press release to the right distribution centres after its written also improves your potential for stronger SEO[8]. You might even keep a record of your latest press releases on a “news” page for your website.

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